Electrical Inspection

Electrical InspectionExperience


Vi-Spec has extensive Electrical and Instrumentation inspection and supervision experience from the pre-wire stage right through to site installation. We offer inspection services for shop, modular and field requirements as needed. Our personnel are qualified trades people with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the oilfield industry. Our experience in all aspects of the industry allows us to be versatile to meet the clients’ needs.  




Vi-Spec is able to assist all stakeholders with their Electrical and Instrumentation inspection needs; owners and EPCMs with quality surveillance to ensure all specification and codes are being followed as well as fabrication and construction contractors with their quality control and visual inspection requirements. Our capabilities include everything from one inspector for quality surveillance or to augment the clients’ quality management team during peak times to an entire project team from document control to Quality Lead.




Vi-Spec people come with the tools they need to get the work done. Use of laptop computers, digital cameras, basic measuring equipment, and communication devices is included in our unit price.


Pembina Duvernay 1 Shallow Cut Gas Plant - Fox Creek, AB

Client: Pembina Gas Services

Assignment: Vi-Spec provided the Electrical and Instrumentation Quality Surveillance for all vendor packages as well as the Site Representative for field construction, commissioning and start-up. Project was completed on time and under budget.